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About The Oxygen Club

The Oxygen Club offers a range of tailor-made holistic and beauty services with our mantra instilled throughout everything we do:        ”Live & Breathe It”.

The club was created to provide a platform where like-minded people can share one goal of feeling amazing on the inside and out. This is achieved by our aim to create a beautiful balance of inner and outer connection.

We offer a unique service which can be tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s yoga or hair, practical or educational, with over 30 years of experience, Wendy will help to identify your true internal and external beauty.

What sets Wendy and The Oxygen Club apart? Outstanding service; we listen, we ask questions, we care.

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Why The Oxygen Club

Let me start by explaining our name; The Oxygen Club. I chose oxygen because no matter where we are or what we do in life, we cannot do anything without oxygen.

Throughout our holistic services, yoga, for example, it doesn’t matter if we’re moving, sitting or resting, we’re always breathing; it’s all about the breath internalising and taking notice of the breath.

You may be asking how does our beauty services fit into The Oxygen Club? For example, how does this ethos apply to hairdressing? Well, it’s simple; looking good on the inside and the outside contributes to happiness, confidence and being genuinely content. If we are all of these things, it allows us to breath fully and effortlessly, helping us to be centred, calm and therefore, achieve our dreams. After all, our external appearance is a reflection of our inner way of being.

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